Research Interests

Understanding genetic diversity in relation to crop improvement

Plant Breeding

Sustainable improvement of crops for nutritonal value, quality, and yield

Quantitative Genetics

Understanding inheritance patterns for complex phenotypes and variation across environments

Population Genetics

Identifying genomic signatures and demographic events important for the domestication and improvement of food crops

Image-based Phenotyping

Development and application of high-throughput pipelines to extract measurements from images


Optimizing experimental design and data analysis to identify biologically meaninful effects

Data Visualization

Creating intuitive graphical displays for complicated data and research findings


  • 2007-2012

    Texas A&M University

    B.S. Horticulture

    M.S. Plant Breeding

    As an undergrad and MS student, I worked with Dr. J. Creighton Miller, Jr. in the potato and vegetable legume improvement program studying bioactive compounds in potato.

  • May-August 2012


    Interned in the hot pepper breeding program under Dr. Terry Berke in Woodland, CA.

  • 2012-2017

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Ph.D. Plant Breeding & Plant Genetics

    Completed PhD work with Dr. Phil Simon on the quantitative inheritance of carrot shoot growth. Worked with Drs. Edgar Spalding and Nathan Miller to develop a high-throughput phenotyping pipeline for carrot.

  • 2017-present

    University of Missouri

    NSF Plant Genome Iniative Postdoctoral Fellow

    Currently working with Drs. Tim Beissinger, J. Chris Pires, and Ruthie Angelovici on the domestication of Brassica oleracea in relation to past and future crop improvement.

  • CV


Some figures related to my research projects.

Diallel Variance Projection

carrot shoot and root phenotypes

Carrot Biomass Profiles

Extraction of shoot and root profiles from 2-D images

Carrot Shoot PCA

principal components for carrot shoot biomass

Carrot Root PCA

Principal components for carrot root shape

Carrot root PCA

Principal components for carrot root shape

F2 Population

Segregating for shoot and root characteristics


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